Amfibiemannen Swimrun Competition TERMS

Each participant participates at his own risk and must know and comply with the rules of the Amphibian SwimRun. By signing in to and participating in the SwimRun Amphibian man, you agree to follow the rules of the race:


  1. Competitors are responsible for the safety of their teams.
    2. All participating teams must carry their own equipment from start to finish.
    3. If goggles, fins or paddles are broken, they can be replaced during the course (but this must be reported by the team in the finish line). If a team does not end with all the equipment they started, they will automatically be disqualified. All teams must accept to present their equipment on the finish line.
    4. An equipment check is made/can be performed before, during and after the race.
    5. Participants may not receive assistance from non-competitors during the course.
    6. Each team must follow the selected route from start to finish and send all “checkpoints”.
    7. Flight aids exceeding 100 cm x 60 cm are not allowed in the competition.
    8. Teams must be together throughout the competition. Team members must under no circumstances be separated by more than 10 meters, either on land or in the water. If this happens, the team will be disqualified.
    9. Team must pass each checkpoint together.
    10. Teams that violate the rules are required to notify the nearest competitor as soon as possible.
    11. Race vest received on registration and worn outside the wetsuits throughout the race.
    12. A wetsuit is required. It is allowed to have a 2-piece and preferably have short arms and legs. The wetsuits must be able to handle temperatures from 12 degrees Celsius.
    13. Participants must not dive their heads first into the water – this action will be subjected to immediate disqualification.
    14. If a team scrapes down along the track, they will be disqualified.
    15. All participants must show respect for other participants, contest leaders, spectators and to all residents and visitors around and around the track.
    16. Each participant is required to, as much as possible, assist other competitors who get injured, sick or have urgent need for help.
    17. If a team member is injured, becomes ill or can no longer compete for any reason, their contestants must help and immediately break the contest.
    18. The time is calculated from the starting gun until both team members have passed the finish line.
    19. Swim runners can train on the track before the competition, but please take into consideration the accommodation, animals and nature.