The safety always goes first, and therefore we are required to carry some mandatory equipment. This is because participants may, for example, stop a bleeding waiting for assistance from the medical team.

In the start kit:

  • racing vests (should be worn visibly throughout the race)
  • 2 bath sleeves (to be used in all swimming)
  • whistles / team and per participant

Required Equipment:

  • 2 whistles / team (one per participant)
  • 2 wetsuits
  • 1 First aid kit

Allowed Equipment:

  • Swimming goggles
  • Hand paddle
  • Buoyancy aids (No larger than 50X50X50 cm)
  • Fins (No longer fins than 20 cm)
  • Snorkel
  • Tow line

Every participant is responsible for the equipment crossing the starting line also will pass the finish line. At one point in the race, the competitors will jump from an altitude of about three meters (for those who do not want to jump, there is an extra running distance instead). At the jump it’s important to not lose anything equipment in the landing.